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Separating the good Will Lawyers from the bad.

The importance of having an up to date Will can not be stressed enough. A Will is a legally binding document drafted by lawyers, which outlines your instructions on how your estate, including your property is administered or distributed when you pass.

Will Lawyers can help you define the important matters which your Will should cover and assist you in expressing your wishes. In particular, Will Lawyers can explain how a Will is structured including the roles of the executor, trustee and beneficiaries.

Wills Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland

Our firm’s Will Lawyers assist our clients in Queensland including clients who require Wills on the Gold Coast and Wills in Brisbane.

If you do not have a Will, or are unsure if your Will is legally binding, the following are just some of the situations which could occur:-

  1. Your estate could go to the Public Trustee;
  2. An unintended distribution could be made to an unintended beneficiary;
  3. Family members could miss out.

People often make excuses for not getting around to finalising their Will and Estate matters. However, we find once our clients make the decision and take the right steps to finalise their Will, it provides them with peace of mind.

If you live on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane and keep putting your Will off to another day, there is no time like the present to get in touch with a Will Lawyer from our firm.

Will Lawyers and Estate Lawyers – how do you find the right one?

Not all solicitors provide Wills and even when you find one who does they may not have the necessary experience to draft it properly. You need to find a solicitor who knows his/her way around the Succession Act 1981 and drafts Wills on a day to day basis.

What do Will Lawyers charge for a Will?

To engage a Will Lawyer to draft your Will can be more affordable than you think.

MacGregor O’Reilly are Will Lawyers who provide Wills Gold Coast, Brisbane and Queensland with a personalised touch. We understand Estate matters may be a sensitive issue for you and therefore endeavor to treat your Will matter with the utmost care.

We also deal in all estate matters including the following:-

  • Estate Law
  • Wills and Power of Attorneys
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Challenges or Will Challenges
  • Executors Duties

If you are interested in our Will service please contact us by phone or by the below enquiry form to arrange an appointment and a quote.

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